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Consumer Insights for QSRs and Coffee Chains

  • Locations covered Bangkok, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila and Singapore
  • Unique users analyzed ~225,000
  • Study period May 2015


In South East Asia the QSR and Coffee chain industry is growing at a rate of 11% and 14% respectively. The consumer’s decision for eating or having a coffee is fairly impulsive and mainly depends on factors such as cuisine, proximity and pricing. Brands should capture this opportune moment and plan their business and marketing strategies accordingly.

Near, studied the consumer trends and their preferences by region using mobile data. The results showed that, some locations strongly favored Coffee Chains, while others indicated a deep preference for QSRs. This report provides valuable footfall insights for both QSRs and Coffee Chains. Thus, brands can now take intelligent decisions varying from choosing the store location to creating accurate marketing decisions for both the segments in terms of age, lifestyle, location and by region.

Some of the questions that the study will answer

  • Which QSR and Coffee brand is more popular over the other and is preferred by the consumers?
  • Which location has more footfall for QSR and Coffee brands respectively?
  • What time of the day, usually QSR and Coffee brands respectively are preferred by location?
  • What are the digital interests of consumers visiting both the QSR and Coffee chain outlets?
  • What type of audience mostly preferred QSR’s and Coffee chains by location?
  • Which QSR and Coffee brand had higher loyalty among the others brands?

Brands Covered

  • QSR Brands: Jollibee, Pizza hut, Mc Donald’s, Subway and KFC.
  • Coffee Brands: Old Town, Excelso, Café Amazon, Coffee Bean, Starbucks, Pacific Coffee & Seatle’s best.