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Mobile data insights for Singapore

  • Locations covered Westgate Jurong, Marina Bay, Ion Orchard, Bugis Junction and Raffles City
  • Unique users analyzed ~72,000
  • Study period October 2015


Singapore has the highest smartphone penetration in South East Asia of 85%. As home to one of the most digitally-savvy populations, mobiles are currently the number one medium in Singapore. According to a Connected Life Study, in 2015, the average individual (age 16-30) spent 3.4 hours each day on their mobile devices. This is equivalent to a total of 24 hours a week or 52 days a year – that is twice as much time as what was spent by the masses watching television and 7 hours more than what was spent on desktops! Numbers such as these, prove how critical it is for brands to direct their attention towards their mobile efforts.

Brands can use mobile data to gain unique business insight into potential and existing customers. This insight can be used to power strategy, marketing and operational decisions. These could vary from choosing a new store location to measuring results of marketing spends. By connecting all of the brand’s activity surrounding consumers with movement and location data, they are then able to go far beyond the sub-standard pushing of promotions as consumers pass by retail windows. Mobile data can also improve marketing efforts by providing powerful consumer insights that ultimately enables businesses to drive engagement, increase in-store traffic and target consumers in real-time all when it matters most – before or as decisions are being made.

These insights can help brands in Singapore tailor their business decisions in order to stay relevant to their consumers. Location data can help brands to transform current marketing plans into actionable strategies that can help to influence customer walk-ins at scale.

Some of the questions that the study will answer

  • What was the Mobile device preference by regions across Singapore?
  • Which day is mobile mostly used across the selected locations?
  • What time of the day people prefer using their mobiles?
  • What were the mobile usage trends by regions?
  • What was the split between Wi-Fi and network data usage trends by people of Singapore?