Data that powers Vista

Available in
100+ countries

Insights for over
4 years of time

Privacy-led compatible with GDPR and CCPA

Advanced ML algorithms to ensure quality

Structured and Contextualized for optimal workflows

Insights available through Vista


Where visitors are seen before or after a visit to a place

Mobile Trade Area

Where a place gets most of its visitors from

Visitor Demographics

Visitor demographics based on Census Data

Visitation heatmap

Visitor patterns
within a place

Day of Week Visitation

Visitation by
day of week

Time of Day Visitation

Visitation by
time of day

Location Affinity

Visitor behavior data on retail preferences

Visitation Over Time

Day-by-day index of foot traffic to a place

Common Evening Location

Where visitors are seen on weeknights & weekends

Common Daytime Location

Where visitors are seen during office hours