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Understand the commercial reach of any store, shopping center, restaurant, etc. and how far consumers are willing to travel to that location. With one of the world’s leading sources of location intelligence, you can compare sites, map out true trade areas, and make smarter decisions for your business.

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Know the Pros and Cons of Any Location

Instantly unlock insights on any trade area, shopping center, or location. From draw power to foot traffic to visitation patterns, and more—find locations that most closely align with your goals. Evaluate locations for cannibalization and local competitor draw to maximize revenue.

Go Beyond Traditional Methods

Go beyond the old rules of thumb to paint a more accurate picture of catchment areas backed by real data about where your customers live, work, and commute throughout the day. Explore 70 million places and instantly gain powerful insights to grow your business.

Compare Multiple Trade Areas at Once

Maximize the ROI of your next location by comparing multiple trade areas at once. Visualize demographics, market reach, and visitation trends for up to five locations at a time. Then make a decision confidently based on the goals that matter to your business.

Near’s Solution for Trade Area Analysis

Interactive Map Visualizations

Explore custom maps and charts that support data-driven decisions. Easily share them via email, chat, slides, and more.

True Trade Areas

Compare the reach of your location with that of competitors based on where people live and work, commute patterns, and more.

Demographics Datasets

Compare demographics across different locations to understand where else your target customers dine, shop, entertain themselves, etc.

Cannibalization Analysis

Understand the impact of new locations on existing ones. When you choose to expand to a new site, track its performance in real-time.

Visitation Pattern Insights

Know which paths customers take to get to a location and whether they ultimately visit your business.

Privacy-First, Always

Know that Near prioritizes consumer privacy, and is compliant with global privacy regulations including GDPR and CCPA.
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