Connect with Near at NRF 2024: Jan. 14-16 at Booth #1321

Follow your prospects in their customer journey by addressing them at each stage of the conversion funnel. Reach qualified profiles through omnichannel marketing campaigns.

Address Qualified Prospects With Tailor-Made Targeting

Near’s geolocation database lists more than 31 million profiles in the UK. We contextualise historical data to ensure we truly understand people’s habits, interests, lifestyle, plus many more. This allows us to curate the most qualified profiles for our customers.

Engaging Creatives for Better Performance

You will be supported by our talented creative team to develop engaging interactive ads that delivers optimised campaign performance.

Leverage an Omnichannel Universe via Our Own DSP

Engage – Near’s DSP, uses sophisticated AI & ML technology to constantly optimise our campaigns for best results.

Get Clarity on Your Campaign Performance

Access personalised reports with essential KPIs and visualise the results of your marketing objectives. Obtain a global vision of the conversion funnel in order to better understand your customers’ journey.

Let’s Work Together