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Paper catalogues and flyers are essential for retailers to communicate about local offers. We help you integrate digital into your operation to optimise your multi-local strategy.

Transition to Digital Without Losing the Paper Catalogue Experience

Communicate locally on a wide selection of products through engaging visuals. Get support from our in-house studio to develop innovative formats during creative workshops.

Personalise Audiences

Digital leaflets can be deployed in the same areas where paper leaflets are usually delivered. We use geolocation data to map out the exact catchment area and target the most relevant audiences per store. 

Omnichannel Campaigns that Safeguard Your Brand

Access to premium apps and websites, both nationally and regionally to distribute your local advertising campaigns. Our inventory is optimised in real time to obtain the best results with brand safety in mind.

The Store at the Heart of Your Campaigns

  • Personalised audience targeting per store
  • A minimum number of exposure
  • A predefined budget per store
  • Customised creative ads per store

Have a Clear View of Your Campaign Performance 

Access personalised reports, from local to national level, integrating specific KPIs to your objectives. Near also offers the ability to incorporate your chosen third party company to measure your results.

Let’s Work Together