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At Near, we guarantee the use of quality data to address your target audiences. Covering over 1.6 billion unique user IDs in more than 44 countries, our database enables us to implement innovative solutions to understand your prospects.

How Is Data Processed?

We collect location data on a historical basis. Each piece of information collected is processed according to its relevance to the other data available on a unique ID. This enables us to identify any outlier or suspicious data, and to determine living areas for each user.


Gather data across strategic, exclusive data pipes and partnerships

Process & Screen

Rigorously screen trillions of data points, discarding as much as 75% of the data


Extrapolate to statistically-sound estimates of the entire population

Remove Biases

Validate the model against government and other official data sources

How Do We Make It Relevant?

Over each campaign, our algorithms combine our historical data with all the information gathered every day to build refined user profiles. These insights help us to draw insights that enable us to offer effective targeting to our customers and respond to various issues :

  • Identifying new prospects
  • Retain existing customers
  • Build a relevant broadcasting area around a store

What Sets Near Apart ?

Global data reach

Access data for an estimated 1.6B unique user IDs across 44+ countries and 70 million places.

High-quality data

Exclusive data pipes, rigorous fraud detection, and enrichment with 100+ customer attributes.

Customized support

Dedicated representatives at every stage of your digital strategy
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