Understand Tourist Profiles

Reveal visitor demographics, behavioral profiles, visitor origin, seasonal trends in real-time.

It's All About the Audience

GPS data from Smartphones enables creation of accurate and effective audience segments for your marketing

Prove Media Spend ROI

The massive scale and accuracy of Near data enables you to measure the ROI of your destination's website and media budget.

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How Zartico, Rove and Madden media empowered DMO's decision making with Near's Tourism Data.

Research Insights

Place of Origin

Where are your
tourists from?

Length of Stay

How long do
your tourists stay?

Visitation Pattern

What are the Top
Points of Interest
tourists visit?

Event Analysis

How do Events impact
visitation to your destination?


Zip-code level age group and gender information on visitors.

Attribution for Website and Media Spend

Tourist Profiles

Build custom audience segments to target your ideal customer profile.

World Class Campaign Management

Use our campaign team to manage your media spend across mobile, web and connected TV.

Promote and Measure Events

Custom audiences built to attract event attendees. Measure the impact.

Accurate Measurement Reporting

Connect media spend with increased visitation to multiple POIs and destinations.

Tourist Retargeting

Retarget tourists to your destination or your competitor destination.

How it Works

  • Near sources and consolidates terabytes of data from a range of sources including demographics, mobile location data, online behavior, and appographic data. The data is anonymized and managed in a secure, privacy-compliant manner.
  • Near bridges multiple data points to create consumer profiles. This enables Near to measure your media buys on desktop, mobile, connected TV and even out-of-home advertising.
  • Near deploys advanced data science models to profile tourists, perform cross-media measurement and determine media lift.
  • Near provides curated destination-specific datasets to deliver fresh insights on a regular cadence, or on-demand for event analysis.
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