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The future of location-based marketing is here. Curate bespoke audiences, stitch and enrich your customer data, launch winning omnichannel advertising campaigns, and measure attribution both online and offline.

Curate Advanced Affinity Audiences and Reach Them with Omnichannel Ads 

Define affinity audiences based on behaviors in the digital and real world—like visits to specific places or brand preferences. Then, reach them with omnichannel advertising across digital and mobile, CTV ads, social media, and more.

Understand Customer Behavior with Identity Resolution and Data Enrichment

Stitch together disparate customer IDs to create an accurate, 1-to-1 view of your customers. Level up what you know with customer data enrichment including 100+ additional attributes, from favorite brands to how often they dine out. Deterministically inform identities, from parents to luxury shoppers.

Measure Success with Online and Offline Attribution

Maximize your marketing ROI by understanding campaign efficacy. Seamlessly track over 100 key campaign metrics, like store visits or digital conversions. Measure the success of your efforts with powerful attribution and optimize towards strategies that drive results.

Build Campaigns with Location-Based Marketing

Enhance your targeting, personas and attribution with large scale insights on people and places

“Act-Alike” Profiling

Take the guesswork out of it—use AI modeled affinity and lookalike audiences to go after consumers that have the highest likelihood of becoming loyal customers.

Next-Level Audience Curation

Build and target rich consumer personas based on large-scale real world data and behaviors—like home location, brand affinity, and more.

One-Click Segmentation

A/B test campaigns easily, then break down results by specific audience attributes to hone in on your target audience more deeply for more precise optimizations.

Online to Offline Attribution

Measure digital and real-world performance for every campaign, with interactive, customizable, API-based reporting. Tie digital campaign impressions to actual footfall for omnichannel activation.

Privacy by Design

Know that Near prioritizes consumer privacy, and is compliant with global privacy regulations including GDPR and CCPA.

Seamless Campaign Activation

Plug into marketing tools your team already uses—like Meta, Google Marketing Platform, Adobe, Salesforce, etc - for seamless campaign activation. Or, use Near’s built-in DSP to activate campaigns directly.

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