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We’ll do the hard work for you. With best-in-class identity resolution and data enrichment, Near stitches together identifiers across touchpoints to create an accurate, 1-to-1 view of customers, then enriches it with 100+ additional attributes.

Set Data Free from Silos 

Instantly transform your company’s incomplete first-party data into a 360 degree view of your customers across the entire lifecycle. Near stitches together the insights for you—creating a unified identity of the customer across digital and real-world touchpoints.

Uncover New Insights About Your Customers

Level-up what you already know with powerful data enrichment. Access up-to-date insights to fill in key details—like where customers live and work, their favorite brands, or how often they dine out, to inform deterministic identities whether they’re a parent, high-intent car buyer, etc.

Deliver Best-in-Class User Experiences

Identity resolution helps you build more personalized experiences, informed by every single touchpoint. Integrate data across your entire business—from store visits to customer support calls— to get a clear picture of customers.

Expand Your Advertising Channels

With identity resolution you have a cookie-proof way to connect a consumer’s journey across disparate marketing channels. Reach highly curated customer audiences across the channels that resonate, whether via email, mobile or digital ads, social media, CTV, and more.

Integrate and Enrich Your Data Across Every Touch Point

A unified customer view, amplified by large scale insights on people and places

Best-in-Class Identity Resolution

Connect real world and online identifiers, including mobile advertising ID, hashed email, mobile number, IP address, and more for a 360 degree view of your customers.

Real-Time Data Enrichment

Level up your existing data with 100+ additional attributes based on real-world information—like where people shop or how often they dine out.

Faster, Higher Match Rates

Match more of your first-party data to universal identifiers, with Near’s coverage of 200M unique user IDs in the US and 1.6B globally. Get your matches in hours, versus days or weeks for other solutions.

Upleveled Audience Targeting

Target smarter based on deterministic identities, and tap into Near’s AI modeling to find lookalike audiences that resemble your best customers.

Absolute Data Security

Built with the latest cybersecurity protocols for data transfer and security compliance standards in mind.

Privacy and Accuracy by Design

Near’s patented Persistent Identity Graph ensures seamless and accurate identity resolution while staying compliant with privacy laws including GDPR and CCPA.
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