How to leverage your customers’ real-world behavior?

How to personalize offerings to your customer segments?

How to plan your retail partnerships for new launches?

Near makes it easy for you by bringing together consumers’ offline and online
data from disparate sources using the patented persistent identity solution
(U.S. Patent No. 10,979,848) and turning them into actionable insights

Leverage data-driven insights

and Stay ahead of the curve

People Insights

Home & work Location

Household Income

Professional Background

Profiles and Interests

Places Insights

Visitation Patterns

Socio Demographics

Path to Purchase

Distance Travelled

Achieve Superior Business Outcomes

Enhance customer engagement

Segment customers based on profiles and interests and target them with personalized promotions to up-sell and cross-sell.

Enhance Leads Scoring

Define risk levels based on real world insights, offer risk-based products and minimize NPAs.

Maximize new customer acquisitions

Acquire new customers by targeting the right segment with attractive and relevant offerings.