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The Full-Stack Solution Marketers Need to:

Deeply understand customers
with unified identities and data enrichment

Curate advanced location-based audiences for next-level targeting

Run powerful omni-channel marketing campaigns

Attribute campaign impact
in the digital and real world

Take data-driven to the next level. With billions of insights on people and places, and easy-to-use tools, understand exactly what customers want—even before they do. Build winning omnichannel marketing strategies, maximize ROI, and create a seamless customer experience.

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Connect Disparate Data into Powerful Customer Insights

With best-in-class identity resolution and data enrichment, automatically connect your company’s data sources to create a 1-to-1 view of customers across their entire lifecycle. Enrich your first-party data with 100+ attributes across online and offline behaviors. Use shared insights to create personalized customer journeys with confidence.

Target Smarter Than the Competition

Stay ahead of the curve with advanced audience curation and personalization capabilities. From local movement and visitation patterns to brand affinities, personal interests and activities—unlock the most comprehensive set of real-world data in the industry to power your marketing campaigns.

Reach Customers Where They Are

Run omni-channel location-based marketing campaigns to reach your ideal target audience across advertising channels. Build powerful multi-touch campaigns in just a few clicks to reach your audience on CTV, social, mobile, or wherever they are. Make moves to win back lost customers, or win over your competitors’ using “act-alike” audiences to find prospective customers with the highest propensity to buy.

Measure and Maximize Your Marketing ROI

Seamlessly track digital and real-world metrics associated with each campaign, like store visits or digital conversions. Measure the success of marketing efforts and reinvest in strategies that drive results with powerful, clear attribution. Throughout the campaign, serve up actionable insights to optimize your campaigns and maximize return on investment across channels.

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