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Episode 2

Engaging Consumers at 8,700 Retail Properties Across North America

with Tama Shor at Directory of Major Malls and Keith Seard at B. I. Spatial

Tama reveals the key to organically sourcing retail properties for more than 35 years and discusses how shopping centers have changed and are continuing to do so over time.

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Tama Shor

President of the Directory of Major Malls /

Keith Seard

Director of Business Operations & Strategy at B. I. Spatial

John McClelland

Vice President of Research at Coldwell
Banker Commercial Premier

Episode 1

Data for Growth in Real Estate

with John McClelland, Vice President of Research
at Coldwell Banker Commercial Premier

In this episode, Kat is joined by John McClelland, Vice President of Research at Coldwell Banker Commercial Premier. John talks about the current state of ever-changing market conditions, the specific ways in which his team utilizes data to create in-depth analysis, and the importance of data in validating assumptions with empirical evidence.

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The New World of Consumer
Behavior Podcast:

I’m the host of the New World of Consumer Behavior podcast, and love telling a good story. I started my career as a broadcast journalist, and was always inspired to find the most fascinating, heart-touching human interest stories to share with my viewers. Today, I take my passion of storytelling to Near, where I now share the most interesting customer success stories we have that help other industry professionals thrive. On this podcast, you’ll learn how top industry leaders are using data to succeed, and you’ll also learn some of our customers’ top analytics do’s and don’ts.

I am lucky to work with such amazingly talented people at Near, many of whom are a part of our podcast team, who are also dedicated to bringing the best stories to the forefront. Together, we partner with some of the top companies, and are proud to be a part of their data journey, and celebrate watching them transform their business with the power of data for ultimate efficiency, growth and ROI. Near is sponsoring the New World of Consumer Behavior as a way to enable data and revenue professionals at the top of their game to share their experiences. Take a listen, and give us a follow to keep up with our most up-to-date episodes. Thanks for listening!

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Katherine Harwood

Director of Corporate Comunications at Near

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