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Retail Research, Australia

  • Locations covered Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth                            
  • Unique users analyzed ~300,000
  • Study period June 2014


With shopping being one of the biggest spending mediums in Australia, the overall retail industry sales accounted over $15billion in 2014. This study on retailers reveals the trends & behavior differences amongst grocery shoppers & general shoppers across different cities in Australia. Consumers shopping behavior was analysed in terms of their demography, smartphone engagement, time of the day, day of the week and audience profiles. Audiences have been segregated into various profiles like Affluent, Students, Homemakers and Professionals through the Near platform.

Retailers striving to achieve or sustain high engagement with their customers would find this research report very interesting in terms of insights about their shopping behavior.

Some of the questions that the study will answer

  • What were the general shoppers vs grocery shoppers trends?
  • What kind of audience preferred shopping at general stores and grocery stores respectively?
  • What were the gender-wise preferences?
  • Which age group was found to be shopping the most and in which city?
  • Daily and weekly shopping trends across different cities?
  • What were the peak shopping times during the day?