How can you increase the value of your first party data?

How to improve RoAS for your advertisers with real-world data?

Are you struggling with user engagement?

Near makes it easy for you by bringing together consumers’ offline and online
data from disparate sources using the patented persistent identity solution
(U.S. Patent No. 10,979,848) and turning them into qualified audiences.

Leverage data-driven insights

and stay ahead of the curve

People Insights

Home & Work Location

Professional Background

Profiles and Interests

Places Insights

Visitation Patterns

Socio Demographics

Distance Travelled

Achieve Superior Business Outcomes

Enrich Audience Data

Create and expand high value audience segments with real world signals and monetize data better

Improve Sales Planning

Identify categories and brands to approach based on your audience’s behavior in the real world.

Measure Campaign Performance

Quantify the impact of publisher’s digital campaigns on in-store visits.