Data that powers Pinnacle

Available in
100+ countries

Insights for over
4 years of time

Privacy-led compatible with GDPR and CCPA

Advanced ML algorithms to ensure quality

Structured and Contextualized for optimal workflows

Insights available through Pinnacle

Mobile Trade Area

Where a place gets most of its visitors from

Day of Week Visitation

Visitation by
day of week

Time of Day Visitation

Visitation by
time of day

Visitation Over Time

Day-by-day index of foot traffic to a place

Common Evening Location

Where visitors are seen on weeknights & weekends

Common Daytime Location

Where visitors are seen during office hours

Gain a Deep Understanding of Your Customers

Near Pinnacle makes it easy to understand true consumer behavior and reveal their interests and buying habits with a deep understanding of where your customers are visiting, shopping, dining or traveling, their online behavior, demographics and more.

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Near Pinnacle is for everyone. The easy-to-use design allows you to focus on the tools which matter the most. The platform is accessible in multiple ways that will work for everyone in your company.


Instant insights on 1.2M places in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.


Easily export data off-platform into BI and GIS tools like ESRI, PowerBI, Alteryx, Tableau and more.


Programmatically access Pinnacle’s insights into your custom workflows.

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Privacy-Led Matters

Near practices privacy-by-design whereby we take forward-thinking approaches to consumer consent, data provenance, data governance, security and regulation compliance.

Near has invested in global regulatory compliance to give you the confidence to leverage the data in your day-to-day activities.

The Near data intelligence platform is compliant with all global privacy regulations, including GDPR, the Australia Privacy Act, and CCPA. As a privacy-led company, Near continues to be in tune with the ever-changing landscape of global privacy legislation.

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