Near’s Data Intelligence Platform Solves Everyday Data Challenges


Different sources in use by different divisions across the company

Variable Quality

Incomplete records and poor-quality data leading to inaccurate or outdated results

Locked Up

Data & Analytics skills are scarce and aren't succeeding in leveraging 1st and 3rd party data


High Quality

Leveled Up

Near enables a ‘single source of truth’ with persistent identification of consumers, enriched with additional attributes to give you a deeper understanding of your customers, prospects and the competition.


Resolve Multiple ID’s
to a Unified ID



Understand Consumer Journeys
with Third-Party Data Enrichment

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Privacy by Design

Near is privacy-led in everything we do. We practice forward-thinking approaches to consumer consent, data provenance, data governance, security and regulation compliance. The Platform never stores or deals with Personally Identifiable Information (PII). All data leveraged by Near Pinnacle comes with consumer consent. The Near platform has built-in processes to forget and purge user data on requests.

Privacy Policy

Data Intelligence Platform

Our product suites leverage the Near Data Intelligence Platform to provide insights for the sake of action

The Near Difference

Real challenges solved by real experts to unlock real value

Cleansed, Contextualised
and Completed Data

Enrichment with
1P Data



Massive global scale
ensures confidence

Patented identity