Curate. Visualize. Activate

Advanced Audience Curation

Curate diverse audiences across geographies based on large scale real world data sets such as home/work location, brand affinity, geo-radius and many more.

Quick & Easy Visualization

In addition to unique audience insights, visualize your audience to notice trends. Do this in seconds using PlaceMatrix, Near's proprietary repository of building footprints.

Seamless Marketing Activation

Activate audiences in marketing platform of your choice. Pre-integrations with TTD, Google Marketing Platform, etc. makes this work seamlessly in real-time.

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World's first AI Audience Assistant

Automate your digital marketing with Jeanie. Spend more time selling and growing your business, and let Jeanie automate most of your brief executions.
*Comes pre-integrated with Allspark.

Power your data-driven marketing

Create and manage audiences based on real-world data. Make media planning efficient with real-time estimates of your custom audience across digital channels and compare results to get smarter with budget allocation. Activate on platform of choice. Close the loop with offline attribution to measure results.

Boost customer acquisition with "lookalike" audiences

Create lookalike audiences similar to your current customers or your competitors' customers and target them to drive acquisition.

Advanced options to curate your target audience based on visitation frequency, time of day, visit period, geo-radius and more. Use boolean logic to include or exclude a particular set of audience from your custom rules.

Case Studies from
across the Globe

Virgin Active — Driving Footfall Growth
Virgin Active — Driving Footfall Growth

Virgin Active used Allspark’s advanced audience curation capabilities to fine tune their target audience and increase footfall to their fitness centers.

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Offline Attribution : Analyzing Nike’s Kaepernick Campaign
Offline Attribution : Analyzing Nike’s Kaepernick Campaign

Using location data from Allspark, Near's team analyzed the change in footfall at Nike’s stores, attributing the same to their marketing campaign.

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Custom Audience Targeting for QSRs
Custom Audience Targeting for QSRs

Competitive intelligence from Allspark, combined with a global QSR brand’s target audience definition, was used to create custom audiences that improved targeting capabilities.

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The Art & Science of Offline Attribution

This ebook is created to help marketers understand the role of attribution in driving better ROI on their advertising spend.

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Technologies powering Allspark

Near’s proprietary technologies, built using advanced machine learning algorithms, bring context to our large scale datasets on people and places, enabling precise and accurate audience curation in Allspark.