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Solutions across the Spectrum

Physical World

Digital World

Gain insights and predict trends on the places and people that matter to your business

Enhance circular advertising
with digital marketing

Leverage Nearverse to expand your circular programs to the digital world, maximizing the impact
Creative Formats

Improve user experience
with high impact formats

Target Audiences

Curate and target specific audiences for each store

POI-Centric Approach

Advertise locally to promote
your store

Personalized Reporting

Measure campaign performance accurately

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Drive quality foot traffic
to your retail stores

Leverage Nearverse to build custom audiences using precise targeting criteria and increase store traffic
Custom Audiences

Connect the physical and the digital worlds

Offline Attribution

Tie advertising spend to
real-world visits

Engaging visuals

Increase user engagement
to improve performance

Customer Acquisition

Gain foot traffic
market share

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Promote your brand through
immersive customer engagement

Leverage Nearverse to engage with target customers with relevant messaging
Granular Segmentation

Curate and target relevant customer segments

Immersive Experience

Use high-quality creatives to maximize engagement

Brand Safety

Target high-quality, brand-safe inventory

Digital Expertise

Leverage Near's data, creative & media expertise

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Use AI to uncover
your best audience

For marketers and advertisers who want to better reach customers and measure campaign effectiveness, Near’s data helps you:
Curate Audiences

based on act-alike modeling, geography, affinity & more.

Follow the Journey

from ad impression, to foot in the door, to repeat customer.

Take Action

with integrations to Google, Meta, & more.

Measure & Attribute

ROI to exact campaigns and touchpoints.

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What sets NEAR apart

Largest Scale

1.6 billion users
44 countries

Privacy by Design


Data Accuracy

Exceeding industry

Cutting-edge Tech

Advanced AI/ML
Cloud infrastructure

Global Presence

Regional support

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